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SharePoint 2013 and Web Designers: Friends or Foes?

Friends? The answer is an emphatic yes! With software in general, if you don’t like the way it looks you’ve just got to deal with it, branding notwithstanding. Not with SharePoint: if you don’t like it you can mold it into whatever you want it to look like with some simple CSS. Anything: with CSS you can change the way links look, the way they behave, you can change a specific link, add effects, modify colors, images, sizes, borders, shading, shadows, spacing, margins, padding, anything! SharePoint includes an OOTB method to achieve this as well, with the Content Editor Web Part. Add it to any page, edit it and insert any CSS. SharePoint will even "fix" your broken CSS.


If CSS isn’t your game, then JavaScript is your fame. And with new libraries like jQuery, it’s essentially like fancy CSS. Then comes the fun part, grabbing objects’ parents, and changing the way a whole page looks by clicking one button. The most web-design friendly part about SharePoint is that the entire concept of SharePoint is basically wrapped around a website’s frame. Since anyone accessing a website needs to have read-access to the source code, SharePoint is virtually open source! You can overload JavaScript, add code, remove it, change visuals, or make pretty much any change you might want to make!

So yes, SharePoint and Web Designers get along just fine; in fact, we go hand-in-hand.

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