Get complete visibility and control of your contracting process.

Contracts are vital to the success of your organization. They govern partnerships, guide business deals, and keep revenue flowing. It’s critical to have contract management software that allows Sales, Legal, and Procurement to collaborate effectively—to speed contracts from negotiation to approval, while minimizing risk, ensuring compliance, and controlling cost.

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Contract management software that’s easier to manage.

Contracts 365® was designed to help contract managers gain greater visibility and control throughout the contract management lifecycle, to find efficiencies at every step.

Self-service functionality

With standardized templates, pre-approved language, and automated requests, approvals and notifications.

Secure, central repository

One standardized system in one centralized location makes contracts easy to retrieve, reference, and report on.

Visibility and find-ability

From simple search to real-time status updates—issues and delays can be identified and addressed quickly.


Technically robust. Incredibly intuitive.

Contracts 365 is intuitive, cloud-based contract management software that leverages your existing Microsoft applications and cloud storage to deliver industry-leading security and unparalleled control of your private contracts and data.

Easy to learn,
easy to use

Works seamlessly with the apps you use every day: Word, Outlook, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Teams, and more.

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Leverages existing IT investment

Built on Microsoft 365 products, Contracts 365 uses existing security standards, IT credentials and protocols.

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Maintains control of your data

Contracts 365 keeps your contracts and contract data in your cloud, so you stay in control.

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Contracts 365 is built around the contract lifecycle, to help contract managers work smarter to find new efficiencies and operational improvements at every step.



Speed cycle times

Help remove bottlenecks between sales and legal teams to close deals faster

Simplify processes

With pre-approved templates, automated requests, approvals, and notifications

Manage risk

Highlight risky language in third-party paper to escalate potential legal issues

Manage renewals

Scheduled notifications help manage renewals much more effectively

Reports & accountability

At-a-glance dashboards and easy reporting keep everyone informed

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Adapts to every
user’s needs.

Contracts 365 is configured to meet users where they are. With an interface that highlights the features they need, removes the ones they don’t, and keeps everyone focused on business-critical tasks.

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Tetra Uses Workflow Automation to Improve Contract Negotiations

Contracts 365’s clean and intuitive user interface made it easy for both the contracts team and employees in other TETRA business areas to engage readily with the system and rapidly recognize the contract management benefits in the oil and gas industry.

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The Contract Management Playbook

Contract playbooks can save time and money for organizations that repeatedly negotiate a given contract type. Equally important, playbooks ensure that the organization’s legal and business interests are served in its contracts, reducing risk.

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