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Contract Manager

As a Contract Manager, your ability to effectively and efficiently manage your contracting process is vital to your individual and organizational success. Not only do you draft contracts, but you are an active participant in the negotiation process. You are also responsible for ensuring the completion of both your organization’s and your vendors’ contractual obligations.

  • You are extremely busy and have large volumes of contracts under your management.
  • You need an efficient way to communicate with both internal and external parties for negotiation purposes, approvals and reporting.
  • You need a system that you can rely upon to manage your contracts, renewals, spend and on-going contractual obligations.

Contracts 365 is designed with you in mind.

  • Reduce the time required to create and review your contracts.
  • Ensure consistency in your contracts and use of only pre-approved language.
  • Readily track the status and time to complete your in-process contracts.
  • Quickly locate executed agreements and their supporting documentation.
  • Proactively report and analyze the status, spend, and risk associated with your contracts.
  • Ensure contract compliance and completion of contractual obligations.