Our Philosophy

“When you’re pursuing a contract solution for your business, you deserve the best technology and support available.”

Over the last 20 years at Contracts 365, we’ve learned a tremendous amount both about ourselves and our market. What initially started as a consulting organization focused on document and content management has evolved into a rapidly growing contract management software company.

Throughout this process, we’ve made a good number of mistakes. We’ve stumbled, fallen-down, picked ourselves up, and moved forward. We’ve won customers, and we’ve lost customers. And, while every loss is painful, it is in these lessons that we’ve learned the most about ourselves, what is important to our customers, and what it takes to achieve success. We’ve woven this knowledge into the fabric of the organization that we are today.

Today’s organization couples the best of our consulting heritage with our next generation contract management software. Technology alone does not deliver success – especially in the complex and rapidly evolving contract management space. Our work with some of the most sophisticated contracting organizations in the world has taught us this. We happily impart these lessons both into our technology and our implementation methodology so that the solutions that we deliver to our customers are truly successful.

The principles by which we guide ourselves are simple. Smarts. Discipline. Spirit. Balance. These apply to who we are for ourselves, who we are as a company, and who we are for both our clients and our employees.

Your success is our success.


We look to surround ourselves with smart people who not only know their jobs well, but who are committed to learning. Mistakes are welcome – as we use these to learn and grow.


We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it.

And, when we can’t, we make it right.


We care, we care, we care. We’ll do whatever it takes to deliver on our commitments, and collectively achieve success.


We strive to keep things in perspective - for ourselves and our customers.  Appreciate the now, say no, though respectfully and be mindful of others.

We’d love to work with you in the future – as a customers, employee or partner!

President & CEO