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Sales Professionals

As a Sales Professional, your ability to close deals quickly is paramount to your success. To do this, you need easy access to both new and existing contracts, flexibility in contract terms, and an efficient and effective negotiation process. In addition to meeting and exceeding your sales goals, it is important for you to maximize both revenue recognition and cash collection for your organization.

  • You need easy access to contracts which address your specific sales situations.
  • Access to existing customer information including executed contracts, supporting documentation and renewals is helpful to you in expanding the footprint of your clients.
  • This information should be available to you in the environment where you work – likely Salesforce or your company’s CRM system.

Contracts 365 addresses these challenges for you.

  • Reduce the time required to create and review contracts.
  • Ensure that your contracts are consistent and include only approved language.
  • Negotiate with confidence using automatic redline, check-in check-out functionality and pre-approved fall-back clauses.
  • Readily track the status of your work in process contracts.
  • Increase your contract renewals and upselling activities with ready access to customer information.
  • Work in secure environment where access is limited to only those who are involved in your deal.
  • Efficiently access all information where you live – in your CRM.