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When you consider the sheer volume of contracts that retailers and CPG companies process, effective contract management is essential for managing supplier relationships, mitigating risks, and maximizing the value of your contracts. That’s why Contracts 365 is critical to help streamline processes and drive compliance.


Contracts 365 is trusted by these retail brands.

Designed with retail
and CPG organizations
in mind, including:

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    Suppliers and Distributors

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    Retailers and eCommerce

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    Food, Beverage and Organics

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    Personal Care and Wellness

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    Household Goods


Powerful features keep retail and CPG contracts moving.

complete contract visibility@2x

AI Enabled Contract Analysis & Negotiation

Leverage Contracts 365's Copilot Companion for automated contract analysis, redlining, negotiation support and language suggestions based on your clause or legal playbook, historical data or industry standards.


Easy Integration

Contracts 365 works with your Microsoft infrastructure and integrates with mission-critical applications such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Docusign Adobe Sign, Yardi, and others to ensure all data is available in the appropriate systems and consistent across the organization.

Obligation & Compliance Management

Obligation & Compliance Management

From payments, SLA's, and performance requirements to compliance with relevant laws and regulations, Contracts 365 makes tracking contractual obligations and compliance easy with instant alerts, notifications and performance metrics.


Business User Self Service

Contracts 365's Business User Portal empowers your employees to request new contracts, quickly access existing contracts, and find the status of their-in process contracts directly - allowing your legal resources to focus on higher value activities.


Contract Authoring

Contracts 365 leverages standard templates to allow business users to request and create contracts directly. By using pre-approved language, review cycles are reduced while organizational risk is minimized.

Analytics & Reporting

Reporting & Metrics

Spot trends and gain valuable insights into your complete contract lifecycle as well as contract and supplier performance by analyzing and reporting on key performance indicators.


Technically robust. Incredibly intuitive.

Contracts 365 is cloud-based contract management software that leverages your existing Microsoft applications and cloud storage to deliver industry-leading security and unparalleled control of your private contracts and data.

  • Easy to learn, easy to use

    Works seamlessly with the apps you use every day: Word, Outlook, Dynamics 365, Teams, and more.

  • Leverages existing IT investment

    Built on Microsoft 365 products, Contracts 365 uses existing security standards, IT credentials and protocols.

  • Maintains control of your data

    Contracts 365 keeps your contracts and contract data in your cloud, so you stay in control.

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Review, approve, and sign on any device.

Mobile, tablet, or desktop, at the office or on the go, Contracts 365 makes it easy to keep contract approvals moving. This powerful cloud-based contract management application is always up to date and ready to work, wherever you are.

“We made a concerted effort to review several options in the marketplace and determined that Contracts 365’s product was the best fit for our business needs. A key factor in the selection process was that Contracts 365 allows us to store our contracts and related documents in our own Microsoft 365 Tenant.”
Azeez Hayne

General Counsel

Urban Outfitters, Inc.


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Future-proofing contract management for a company that's been revolutionizing music for nearly 80 years

Contracts 365 helps Fender Musical Instruments Corporation upgrade to long-term contract management success. 


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Why Choose Contracts 365 for Contract Lifecycle Management?

Contracts are the currency of business.  In fact, there's virtually nothing you can do in business today without having a signed contract in place. And, if you've spent any time in a contract-intensive organization, you know that few things are as important as keeping your contracts moving.  Learn how Contracts 365 supports your organization in these endeavors and makes the most of your Microsoft platform. 


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