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Our Upcoming Webinar

Applying Artificial Intelligence Series - Part 3: Adoption of AI in Contracting

7/10/2023 3pm EDT 45 min

A deep dive into WorldCC 2023 global survey findings

Join this WorldCC webinar for a focused look at how AI is changing contracting worldwide. Russ Edelman, Found and Chief Product Evangelist of Contracts 365, Inc. will join a panel of contributors to reflect on insights from a survey of 400 organizations, highlighting the current state of AI adoption, the benefits and the challenges. 

They will tackle prevalent concerns such as data security and privacy, the need for trust in AI-generated outputs, how AI literacy can drive acceptance of this technology, and why a clear, balanced AI policy is crucial in promoting ethical, secure practices.

Find out how AI is transforming the way we work with contracts. Don't miss this chance to understand what's happening now and what the future may hold.

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