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Upcoming Webinar

When Contracts Block Dynamics 365 Sales Teams And What You Can Do About It

6/15/2022 1pm ET (10am PT) EDT 45 min

You are invited to our upcoming webinar, Contract Management Mediocrity—Worse Than Outright Failure

Date & Time
June 15th at 1pm ET (10am PT)

When CLM and CRM applications operate independent of one another, neither system is providing its maximum value. Some less than optimal conditions caused by keeping these applications in a siloed state are:

  • Sales and Legal teams are not fully aligned in their efforts and are not optimized in their respective roles
  • Deals are impacted by process bottlenecks and take longer to close than they should
  • Sales is distracted from selling by cumbersome contract processes and delays
  • Legal is bogged down with manual contract related activities
  • Stakeholders lack visibility into the contract status 

Join Contracts 365 CEO, Russ Edelman, and VP of Sales and Marketing, Craig Bertoldi as they explore how leading organizations close more deals at a faster rate by integrating their CLM and CRM applications. 

Together they'll cover:

  • The business impact of siloed contract management and sales processes
  • Use cases for an integrated sales contract approach
  • Strategies and examples for increasing cross platform visibility and collaboration
  • A multi-system demonstration of a contract moving from opportunity, to request, to close using Dynamics 365 CE and Contracts 365 

We look forward to your participation and questions!

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