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General Counsel

As the chief legal officer for your organization, you are responsible for overall legal operations and are a critical player within the contracting process. Not only are you responsible for creating standard contract templates and fall-back language, you are on the front line of contract negotiation. You likely hold a Board Seat and are particularly sensitive to compliance and risk management.

  • You are extremely busy, and are faced with both budget and resource pressures.
  • Contracts need to be finalized expeditiously while ensuring consistency and adherence to key provisions.
  • Your world is becoming increasingly more complex with evolving and increasing compliance and globalization requirements.

You need to be able to leverage technology for operational efficiency, scalability and compliance – and you need to ensure that your staff understands and uses the technology.

Contracts 365 is designed with you in mind.

  • Reduce the time required to create and review your contracts.
  • Ensure consistency in your contracts and use of only pre-approved language.
  • Readily track the status and time to complete your in-process contracts.
  • Quickly locate executed agreements and their supporting documentation.
  • Proactively report and analyze the status, spend, and risk associated with your contracts.
  • Ensure contract compliance and completion of contractual obligations.
  • Reduce the risk and maximize the profitability and opportunity of your contracts.