A seamless, secure contracting experience.

Contracts 365 is purpose-built contract management software for Microsoft 365®. It leverages your existing Microsoft 365 tenant as a contract repository and your Microsoft cloud architecture as a platform. Not only do you get more out of your existing IT investment—you’ll enjoy an unprecedented level of security while retaining complete control of your documents and data.

A seamless, secure contracting experience.


Who’s in control of your contracts?

People are surprised to learn that most contract management software solutions keep your contract data in their clouds. Think about that. The documents that govern your day-to-day business are often out of your control—and if you ever want to leave, guess who’s holding the keys?

Who's in control of your contracts?

Keep your contracts in your cloud.

Contracts 365 ensures that your contract documents and data are securely stored in your existing Microsoft 365 tenant. You keep all of your organization’s security preferences, policies, and access definitions. So IT can easily control who sees what, and what permissions are granted, across your organization.

Contracts 365 allows us to store our contracts and related documents in our own Microsoft 365 tenant. This solution provides us increased security and control over our contracts and builds on the strategic investment we have made in Microsoft 365.”

Azeez Hayne
General Counsel, Urban Outfitters


Make the most of your Microsoft infrastructure

With Contracts 365, your contract management software leverages the full depth and breadth of the Microsoft security infrastructure, including Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, and more.

Make the most of your Microsoft Infrastructure

And Microsoft’s unparalleled investment in cybersecurity


Global Security Certifications


Annual Security Investment


Security Professionals


Easier to manage.

  • No need to learn how to administer yet another application
  • Users are created and managed in your Azure Active Directory
  • Existing security settings apply to your instance of Microsoft 365
  • Retain ownership of all metadata and documents

Easier to use.

  • Users know Microsoft 365 - so there’s less training and easier adoption
  • Compliance and security approvals are easier to attain
  • Day-to-day access is easy; just use your existing Microsoft credentials
  • Tightly integrates with Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, Outlook, Teams, and Planner
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