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Every contract is a business opportunity.

Contracts 365® provides greater visibility and control so you can find efficiencies throughout the contract lifecycle, from negotiation to execution to renewal—and every milestone in between.


Contracts 365 is elegantly designed to be effortless to use.

“The Contracts 365 solution provides all of our stakeholders with the immediate transparency they need; it has freed up the contracts team to focus on processing more requests and priority tasks. In some cases, what used to take us weeks to handle now requires a few days.”


Mark Belton
Contract Specialist, Chelan County Public Utility District

Self Service Functionality

Self-service functionality

Help people get things done and stay focused on critical tasks.

Secure Centralized Repository

Secure, centralized repository

Draft, in-progress and executed contracts, all in one place, securely in your cloud.



Search contracts and materials across document libraries and sites.


Graphing and dashboarding

Instant, customized reports for at-a-glance intelligence or scheduled delivery.


Unlock efficiency throughout the contract lifecycle.

From pre-execution to post-execution, Contracts 365 delivers the features your need to work more effectively.

Unlock efficiency
pre-contract-icon Pre-contract activities
pre-contract-icon Pre-contract activities

Auto contract generation

Easy-to-use wizard lets you create a variety of contract types, with contract playbooks and clause libraries to help customize agreements based on specific contract types.


Auto document exchange and redlining

Negotiate contracts easier than ever, using both internal and counterparty paper, with automated redlining, check-in/check-out functionality, and detailed version history.


Auto approval and alerts

Configure alerts and notifications to track important events by contract, contract type, user, or role—using pre-defined schedules or to notify users when issues arise.


Seamless eSignature

Fully integrated with DocuSign and Adobe Sign, Contracts 365 automatically routes contracts for electronic or wet signatures, with notifications at every step of the way.


Built for Dynamics 365 & Salesforce

Your sales team can initiate contracts, locate and link data, and pre-populate forms in the CRM applications they use every day with native integrations, right out of the box.

post-con-actPost-contract activities
post-con-actPost-contract activities

Document processing

Using rich metadata support, your completed contacts and supporting materials are catalogued for comprehensive search, reporting, reference, and retrieval.


Contract archive

Contracts 365 securely stores your contracts in one of the most robust security infrastructures on the market—your Microsoft hybrid cloud and Sharepoint instance.


Contract governance

Permissions for all documents can be configured in accordance with your business requirements and to align with document retention policies.


Obligation and compliance management

Contracts 365 allows contract-specific obligations to be extracted and associated with the contract, and then incorporated into future workflows, and reports.


Auto expiration and renewal notification

Automatically notify internal stakeholders and counterparties of expirations, renewals, or required actions to keep contracts compliant, enforceable, and up to date.


Private. Secure.
And totally user-centric.

Your contracts. Your cloud.

Our intuitive, SasS-based software leverages your companies’ strategic investment in Microsoft applications and cloud storage to deliver industry-leading security and unparalleled control of your private contracts and data.

Adapts to every user’s needs.

Contracts 365 automatically configures to meet users where they are. With an interface that highlights the features they need, removes the ones they don’t, and keeps everyone focused on business-critical tasks.

Private Secure User-Centric

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