Contract Management Software from right within Dynamics 365

Contracts 365 is a powerful contract management solution that allows sales teams to manage contracts right from their Dynamics 365 dashboard. With one of the best integrations in the market, Contracts 365 for Microsoft Dynamics supports self-service contract creation, approval updates, and real-time visibility of contract status for every client in the pipeline.

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Reduces contract
lead time 8x.

Sales people often spend days waiting for contracts to be drafted, updated, and completed. And when Sales and Legal teams aren’t aligned, deals can be delayed or lost altogether. But a recent customer survey showed, with Contracts 365, contract lead times were significantly reduced—from eight days to less than one.

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Helps salespeople
focus on what
they do best.

  • Initiate requests for new contracts and
    supporting documents right within Dynamics 365
  • Create contracts and pre-populate data
    with just one click
  • View related contract data, records, and
  • Find and link existing contract documents
    to Dynamics 365 entities
  • Automatically sync Dynamics 365 with
    Contracts 365 on the fly

“Sales can do everything they need to, right from Dynamics. Just hit a button, and information which exists in Dynamics is pushed to Contracts365, fields are automatically populated, contracts are created. Soup to nuts, it's exponentially better than anything we've seen or used to date.”

John Delany Internal Applications Administrator, WideOrbit

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  • Eliminate manual entry to save time and increase contract accuracy
  • Enable transparency, communication and efficient collaboration
  • Real-time data visibility for informed and timely decision making
  • Easily enforce approval standards for consistency and compliance 
  • Highly configurable to support a wide variety of requirements
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Easy to implement,
even easier to love.

Contacts 365 is designed to leverage your organization’s strategic investment in Microsoft 365. It natively integrates with Dynamics 365 to allow your customer relation management software (CRM) to function seamlessly with your contact lifecycle management software (CLM). So it’s easy for IT to implement, and even easier for your sales team to use.

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