Contract Management for Dynamics 365

At some point in every significant sale, there’s a contract waiting to be signed. The faster you can get contracts executed, the faster you can realize revenue and begin delivering the products and services that make your organization great.

But when a company’s Contract Lifecycle Management process isn’t aligned with its CRM system, the process quickly grinds to a halt—and the entire organization suffers.

In this previously recorded webinar Russ Edelman, CEO of Contracts 365, and Craig Bertoldi, VP of Sales and Marketing, addressed the topic of Contract Management for Dynamics 365.

Together they explored how leading organizations are able to close more deals at a faster rate by integrating their CLM and CRM applications. The range of material covered in this webinar:

• The business impact of siloed contract management and sales processes
• The benefits of, and best use cases for, an integrated sales-contract approach
• Strategies for increasing cross-platform contract visibility and collaboration
• Real-world ROI metrics from organizations with Contracts 365 for Dynamics 365.

The session ended with a multi-system demonstration showing how quickly a sale can move from opportunity to contract request to close using Dynamics 365 Sales and Contracts 365.

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