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Getting Started with Contract Lifecycle Management 

Contract Lifecycle Management: Learn what it is, why it matters, and how to plan your CLM roadmap.

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Contract Management 101: Understanding Contract Management

Contracts are vital to just about every aspect of your business' operations. They protect you.  They help you pay vendors - and get paid by customers. They let you close deals and share ideas. But, they can be labor intensive and can bottleneck various aspects of your organization. Given their importance, it's imperative to understand their lifecycle, how to manage them, and how to implement a successful CLM software solution. 


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Demonstrating the Value of Contract Management

At Contracts 365, we spend a lot of time thinking about - you guessed it - contracts.  And, as a provider of world-class CLM software, we find ourselves talking to people who are looking to justify an investment in cloud-based contract management software.  If you're in the process of selecting such a system for your organization, you might be asked to do the same. 


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How to Write an Effective Request for Proposal (RFP) for New CLM Software

Purchasing CLM software may be one of the most important investments your organization makes.  The right CLM software introduces efficiencies and drive savings across your organization while improving effectiveness, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding interests. That's why it's important to choose your CLM vendor carefully. 


Exploring AI and Contract Management 

Generative AI has the power to transform contract management; explore the facts, the folly, and the future of AI in contract management.

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AI-Powered Contract Lifecycle Management

Since the release of ChatGPT,  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI ML), Generative AI, and Large Language Models (LLM) have been dominating headlines and technology conversations. The world of Contract Lifecycle Management is no different.  And, for good reason. The prospect of accelerating contract reviews and decreasing workloads with the help of AI is exciting. 

C365 Practicalities of GPT-4 Webinar
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Practicalities of GPT-4 and AI-CLM Integration

Contracts 365 joins industry experts as they delve into the latest developments with GPT-4 and its enhanced capabilities. The speakers explore "Command Prompt Engineering" and how GPT simplifies contracts.

C365 Adopting AI in Contracting Webinar
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Adopting AI in Contracting

Russ Edelman, CEO of Contracts 365, and leading industry experts reviewed how AI is changing contracting worldwide.  Insights from a survey of 400 organizations are shared highlighting the current state of AI in contract management as well as its benefits and challenges. 


Making your Contract Lifecycle Management System Purchase

Learn how to make a business case for CLM software, how to calculate Return on Investment (ROI) and more.

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Your Roadmap to Contract Management Greatness

According to Gartner, Contract Lifecycle Management software is no longer a "nice to have" initiative, but rather a "must have" business practice. In fact, when you consider the impact contract management has on revenue, expenses, and the profitability of your day-to-day operations, a robust contract management solution is a business-critical application.  But, where does one get started? 

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Why Choose Contracts 365 for Contract Lifecycle Management?

Contracts are the currency of business.  In fact, there's virtually nothing you can do in business today without having a signed contract in place. And, if you've spent any time in a contract-intensive organization, you know that few things are as important as keeping your contracts moving.  Learn how Contracts 365 supports your organization in these endeavors and makes the most of your Microsoft platform. 

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The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Inertia is a powerful force. Most people are familiar with the idea - a body in motion tends to stay in motion while a body at rest stays at rest - unless, acted upon by an outside force. When it comes to organizational change, those outside forces are everywhere. The urge to innovate, the need to avoid risk.  Sometimes these pushes and pulls cancel each other, and when it comes to purchasing a CLM solution, some companies opt to do nothing . But, is that really the best move?


How to Best Implement & Adopt your New Contract Management Software

Finding great CLM software is only half the battle; learn what it takes to onboard your team and ensure it gets used.

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A Guide to CLM Implementation Success

According to the World Commerce and Contracting Association, roughly 85% of CLM implementations fail. So staggering, in fact, that at Contracts 365, we've built our entire business around making sure we're in the other 15% - getting our customers up and running quickly and celebrating their successes for many years to come. Learn more about what it takes to ensure your company adopts, uses and loves its new contract management software. 

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The 30-Second Contract Imperative

If a software isn't fast, easy, and intuitive, no one will use it.  It's as simple as that.  Whether you're implementing your first contract management system or re-evaluating your current CLM provider, it's important to remember that usability is as important for your everyday business user as it is for your contract management team.  That's why the 30-Second Contract Imperative is so important.

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NDAs: A Quick Win for CLM Implementation Success

So many of today's business activities depend on contracts.  With an effective CLM solution in place, you can improve contract visibility, remove bottlenecks and increase efficiency across the organization. But, implementing a software solution that affects so many aspects of your organization can be daunting. With many of our customers, we recommend starting somewhere you can gain a quick win.