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Contracts 365, Inc. Ready For Champion Level Sponsor for ContractsCon Event

NEWBURYPORT, Mass., February 10, 2023 ( – Contracts 365 has signed up as a Champion sponsor for ContractsCon, a one-of-a-kind training and networking event for in-house counsel and contract professionals, presented by How To Contract and Law Insider. ContractsCon represents a new type of hybrid conference focused on the practicalities and real-world challenges of contract professionals who are looking to optimize the creation of contracts. The in-person and virtual conference is being held in Miami, Florida on February 16 and 17, 2023.

ContractsCon was originally conceived as a networking and training event by Laura Frederick, the founder of How To Contract. Eventually, it gained so much interest and momentum, Law Insider and How to Contract decided to team up and take the conference to another level.

“Laura Frederick has captivated, inspired and educated contract professionals from around the world,” shared Russ Edelman, CEO of Contracts 365, Inc. “Her practical, no-nonsense approach to contract language, positioning and negotiation tips has elevated her to an absolute authority on the subject. We’re honored to be a part of the event, to have an active exchange of ideas with the attendees, and to share Contract 365’s Microsoft-oriented vision for Contract Management.”

Attendees of ContractsCon are looking for real-world insights into how to best draft, negotiate and execute contracts. But what is most inspiring about this growing community is their interest in engaging with others and sharing brilliant ideas, tips and tricks with relevant examples, often inspired by Frederick’s book and website.

“I think this is why it’s so logical for Contracts 365 to be a sponsor and participant,” said Edelman. “Contracts 365 is contract management software that grew out of best practices and ideas gleaned from decades of document management and contract lifecycle management consulting. We learned what moves contracts most effectively through organizations, and then built a process and a platform that work with a company’s exiting Microsoft IT and security infrastructure. Contracts 365 gets better with every implementation, and with every ounce of feedback we get from our customers. ContractsCon is a great extension of this exchange, we’re really looking forward to attending.”

Laura Frederick stated, “The Contracts 365 team’s focus on Microsoft customers who need state-of-the-art contract management software has continued to remain on point and their product features and roadmap continues to impress. We’re thrilled to have them as a Champion Level Sponsor at ContractsCon and look forward to working with them on a regular basis.”

About Contracts 365, Inc:

Contracts 365 is powerful contract lifecycle management software purpose-built for Microsoft 365 customers. Our intuitive, cloud-based contract management software leverages our customers' strategic investment in Microsoft applications, architecture, and security to give them unparalleled control of their private contracts and data. With world-class implementation and support of industry-specific contract management solutions, Contracts 365 helps you discover the power of your contracts, every day.

About ContractsCon and How To Contract:

How to Contract is global leader in practical contract training for lawyers and professionals. Through its training membership and events, it has helped thousands of people learn how to manage contract risk and get deals done. How to Contract was founded in early 2021 by Laura Frederick, a former Big Law and Tesla commercial contracts attorney, the author of the best-selling book “Practical Tips on How to Contract,” and a LinkedIn influencer with over 36,000 followers. How to Contract’s second annual training conference, ContractsCon, is planned for February 16-17, 2023 and will be offered virtually and in person in Miami. Attendees will receive How to Contract’s signature training approach of going in depth into fundamental contract concepts. The attendees also will receive the ContractsCon Playbook, which incorporates the training into an Excel contract playbook.

About Law Insider:

Law Insider is a subscription-based contract database and resource center that helps over 300,000 lawyers and contracts professionals draft and negotiate contracts more effectively.