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Contracts 365's Case Study Examines Portola Pharmaceuticals Use of Contracts 365's Contract Management Software

Wakefield, Mass. (PRWEB) June 22, 2016 

Case Study describes the role of Contracts 365’s Contract Management App for SharePoint, CM[.app], in supporting Portola’s increasingly complex contracting requirements. 

Contracts 365, the leading provider of contract lifecycle management software powered by the SharePoint and Office 365 platforms, has published a case study about the successful deployment of its Contract Management Business Application for SharePoint, CM[.app], by Portola Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company with a foundation of products and product candidates that significantly advances patient care in the areas of thrombosis, other hematologic disorders and inflammation.  

Portola’s legal and finance teams now use Contracts 365’s software to manage their entire contract lifecycle, including contract creation and request, negotiation with external parties, documented approval, and metadata reporting.  

The case study is available for download at  With their business growing rapidly in size and complexity, Portola Pharmaceuticals needed a contract management system that would enable them to handle an increase in contract volume while ensuring that the proper channels were followed for drafting, negotiating, and approving their contracts. This meant a system for the complete contract lifecycle – from request to creation, negotiation with external parties, documented approvals, and reporting on metadata including contract expiration – all from a secure contract repository.  It also meant a system with the flexibility to allow the use of internal and external paper as well as electronic signature.  An easy-to-grasp user interface and the ability to manage different contract types in different ways were also important business requirements. 

Using CM[.app], Portola now manages and stores over 3,000 documents and contracts from within a secured repository. CM[.app]’s simplified user page, branded for Portola, serves as a one stop shop for Portola’s contract management team and business users as they leverage the tool to request, approve and manage their contracts.  Contracts are readily created using rule based forms to ensure that the contracts contain the necessary information and correct language.  Contract approvals – which change dynamically based on a variety of different factors – take place with ease and efficiency – both internally and remotely via handheld devices. The status of a contract is easily identified and a variety of different supporting reports are generated to manage various aspects of the contract post signature.

The case study also highlights Portola’s unique approach to change management which provided on-going user support and increased success around the roll-out of the application.  

Mike Ouimette, Senior Director of Corporate Counsel for Portola Pharmaceuticals, says “We are confident that as our business continues to grow, our ability to manage our contracts with CM[.app] will also grow.” 

Russ Edelman, CEO of Contracts 365, says “We are thrilled with the solution that has been implemented at Portola.  Not only does it directly address their business needs today, it provides them with great flexibility in addressing their downstream requirements as well.  The team was a pleasure to work with, and have helped to influence our thinking as we continue to support our growth in biotechnology and pharmaceutical verticals.”  

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