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CEO Of Contracts 365 Participates In WORLDCC’s Ask The Expert Series on Microsoft Information Protection & Contract Management Best Practices


The World Commerce & Contracting (formerly IACCM) has asked Russ Edelman to serve as a guest for its Ask The Expert Series on January 14, 2021. The purpose of this webinar is to provide an introduction into Microsoft’s Information Protection capabilities and how they support optimizing security for Contract Related Functions across the WorldCC membership.

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (PRWEB) January 12, 2021 -- The need to send and receive contracts is accelerating at an exponential pace. The significance of ensuring that these documents are properly secured and protected both inside and outside of your organization is critical to ensuring that confidential information remains properly secured. This Ask The Expert Webinar will provide clarity on Microsoft’s Information Protection capabilities and how they can be effectively used to manage the critical aspects of contract security.

Microsoft research states that 88% of organizations no longer have confidence to detect and prevent the loss of sensitive data; furthermore, their research also states that 58% of the respondents have accidentally sent sensitive information to the wrong person[i]. In response to this and other research, Microsoft has been steadily investing into helping organizations protect their intellectual assets of which contracts squarely fall into this category.

In this WorldCC, Ask The Expert session, Edelman will share insights into Microsoft Information Protection as it relates specifically to contract management. Kicking off the discussion with Tim Cummins, founder and President of WorldCC, they will first explore why this topic is so highly relevant, especially at this time. After which, Edelman will provide a brief history of Digital Rights Management and how this ultimately serves as foundation for many aspects of Microsoft’s Information Protection platform. During the second half of the webinar, a heightened emphasis will be placed on the importance of fusing Information Protection into an organization’s contracting process.

Edelman states, “Since its inception, IACCM and now WorldCC, has played a critical role in providing vision and clarity to complex topics related to contracting processes. With the need to communicate at near real-time speeds, coupled with Pandemic impact, the contracting community needs as much visibility as possible into how they can best protect their contracting assets. Cummins adds “The quality and integrity of data flows within and between businesses has become a priority issue, yet organizations must balance the need for transparency with the need for data security. This webinar will seek to provide insights and answers to how that balance can be struck”.

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