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Contracts 365
for Salesforce

A Fully Integrated Contract Management Experience for Salesforce

Connect Legal and Sales With Contracts 365

Contracts 365 for Salesforce is a prebuilt integration that extends the robust contract management functionality of Contracts 365 to your team working in Salesforce.

Feature highlights include:

  • Provides sales teams realtime, permissioned contract visibility, self-service and collaboration tools without leaving Salesforce
  • Supports a wide range of use cases
  • Can be used on any standard or custom Salesforce object
  • Contracts and data are automatically kept in sync between Contracts 365 and Salesforce
  • Dynamic form technology accelerates the contract request and authoring process
  • Contract language and approval processes dynamically adjust according to established business rules
  • Data visibility and alerts for milestones, status updates, approval status, and more 
Contract Management for Salesforce

Request a contract in Salesforce, receive it back in seconds 
Contracts 365 for Salesforce provides seamless contract support for sales-people. Request contracts, view real-time status, access documents and data in real-time, without leaving Salesforce.

Self Service Contract Requests for Salesforce

Request contracts, view real-time status, access documents and data in real-time, without leaving Salesforce.

Business Benefits:

  • Contracts are created in seconds versus hours or days
  • Reduced contract cycle times, shorten sales cycles and reduce time to revenue.
  • Enables transparency, communication and collaboration between Legal, Sales and other stakeholders.
  • Immediate access to contracts and updates without leaving Salesforce, allows Sales to be more productive and focused on selling.
  • Real-time data visibility enables informed, split second decision making
  • Elimination of manual retyping of information increases accuracy and improves efficiency
  • Easily enforce contract and approval standardization ensuring and improving compliance


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Revolutionizing contract management for Salesforce users

Most business-to-business sales require a contract. Yet, contract request and management processes are often treated as disconnected parts of the sales cycle, making the experience time consuming and labor intensive. If you seek a smart, efficient solution to address contract management for Salesforce users, look no further. Contracts 365 for Salesforce is a fully integrated solution that supports your team with a dedicated salesforce contract management experience embedded within their familiar CRM application. Enabling contract management for salesforce users extends the robust contract management functionality of Contract 365 to your sales team. The ready-made integration ensures that operators in both Contracts 365 and Salesforce have the contract specific support to perform their roles in ways more efficient than you could have ever imagined. With Contracts 365 for Salesforce, your team can request and receive contracts in seconds, reduce contract cycle times, enable transparency, encourage collaboration, and most importantly, minimize the time to close deals and capture revenue.

Reinvent your Salesforce contract management process with Contracts 365

Your sales team deserves a salesforce contract management solution that works the way they work. Contracts 365's tailor made integration ensures that your sales team can expand the already impressive work they’re doing—without ever having to leave Salesforce to request, negotiate, approve, update, execute, or access a contract. Our fully integrated contract management solution for Salesforce delivers immediate impactful benefits, such as configurable self-service requests, real-time contract visibility, collaboration tools that make working together more seamless than ever, and up to the minute contract approval status. Empower your team and make impactful changes that can revolutionize the way you do business using one cohesive, collaborative, and comprehensive solution. Contracts 365 for Salesforce is the ultimate advancement to your Salesforce contract management process.