Contracts 365® wins ‘Battle of the Tech’ at World CC

NEWBURYPORT, Mass., September 26, 2022 ( - Contracts 365, Inc., the leading provider of contract management software for Microsoft 365 customers, announced that it has won the 2022 "Battle of the Tech" competition at the WCC VIBE EMEA & Americas Summit 2022.

"I am thrilled to hear that our Microsoft 365 based contract management software delivered a victory," said Russ Edelman, President & CEO. "The other CLM vendors represented some very tough competition as they presented their respective solutions, but the Business Gurus evaluating the products ultimately picked Contracts 365 as the winner! Some of the Guru's comments were directed to our exciting Microsoft partnership," continued Edelman.

Dan Wittner, the Chief Customer Officer at Contracts 365, who had been participating in the VIBE Summit with Edelman, went on to say, "It is always very rewarding to be recognized by a large group of your peers. We are excited to share our vision with the WCC community and highlight Contracts 365, our contract management software platform built for Microsoft 365 customers."

The WorldCC VIBE Summit is an annual digital event that brings hundreds of business professionals together to share experiences, best practices, and to simply connect on the latest trends in the Contract Management ecosystem. Paul Branch, Chief Networking Officer with WorldCC stated, "The Contracts 365 team has done an excellent job in establishing themselves as a leader in the Contract Management Software marketplace. Their focus on Microsoft 365 as the underlying repository powering their CLM SaaS offering, is proving to be a competitive and winning offering, showing just how important systems integration is to our community."

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