Taiwan-based cloud IT infrastructure provider Wiwynn selects Contracts 365 for Contract Lifecycle Management


NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (EIN Presswire) March 26th, 2024--Contracts 365, Inc., the industry leader in contract management software for organizations that run Microsoft 365, was recently selected for its SaaS-based contract lifecycle management (CLM) software by Wiwynn Corporation, an innovative provider of cloud computing servers, storage products, and rack solutions for data centers.

“We are very proud of our relationship with Wiwynn,” said Jasmin Steely, Chief Operating Officer of Contracts 365. “They are our first Taiwanese customer, and it is out of the ordinary for Taiwanese firms to use third-party software vendors like this. We think that speaks very highly of Contracts 365’s contract management solution and our team’s dedication to delivering seamless global support.”

“Many high-tech companies in Taiwan still use in-house teams to build their CLM,” noted Lois Lin, Wiwynn’s chief legal officer. “But given the technology trends—and the rise of AI in contract management—I really think that we should be looking out to see the good work that’s being done by companies like Contracts 365.”

Wiwynn traditionally relied on the contract management system provided by its parent company. As Wiwynn worked to establish its own independent IT system, it became imperative to explore a new contract management software solution. This transition was not only about adopting a new platform; it represented an opportunity for Wiwynn to make system and process improvements specific to Wiwynn and to enhance overall contract management efficiency.

Lin attended an online summit held by World Commerce and Contracting called Technology Compete. “Contract 365’s presentation impressed me very much,” said Lin. “I was immediately struck by the company’s name, because I felt it would integrate with Microsoft 365 very well, proving a similar function for contract management.”

Wiwynn recently launched the Contracts 365 solution, which Lin considered a huge success. “The digital transformation is apparent throughout our organization,” she noted. “When a process is too cumbersome, it creates unnecessary risk for the organization. With Contracts 365, it now takes less than 30 seconds to submit a request. Because the system is easy to use, and requests are easy to submit, everyone involved in the contracting process has readily adopted the system.”

Even though the contract volume increased, Wiwynn was able to handle this uptick without additional resources. “The efficiency introduced by the system allows our legal resources to track and manage the complete contract lifecycle in one system.”

To learn more about Wiwynn’s successful implementation of Contracts 365's contract management solution, read the complete Wiwynn Case Study on Contract 365’s new Resource page.

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