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Supported Integrations


CONTRACTS 365 integrates with key Microsoft offerings to provide one of the most secure, flexible, and intuitive solutions in the market.

Microsoft 365 -Leveraging Microsoft 365 as the foundation of our solution architecture provides our customers greater security, visibility, and control over sensitive data and documents than typical cloud applications.
Microsoft Word –Working directly in Microsoft Word for contract authoring, negotiation, and tracking changes allows your resources to work efficiently and effectively. Our unique architecture enables real time, in-document collaboration and versioning.
Azure Active Directory –Integrating natively with Azure Active Directory greatly simplifies user administration, the creation of security profiles, and ongoing user maintenance.
Outlook –Negotiate, collaborate, and communicate using Microsoft Outlook without ever leaving Contracts 365. Corporate domains are fully supported ensuring real time delivery to desktop and email devices without the hassle of lost emails in spam filters.
SharePoint –Tight integration with SharePoint provides users powerful sharing, collaboration, and data management capabilities.

Contract Management for Microsoft Customers
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contract Management
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE 

Contracts 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE provides your salespeople with all of the contract information and supporting processes necessary to efficiently close deals. Contract requests and submissions, status updates and contract details can all be accessed directly from Dynamics 365 CE.

Contract Requests – Sales can request contracts in one click without ever leaving Dynamics.
Upload Documents for Review – Sales can submit documents for review directly from within Dynamics, accelerating review of redlines, 3rd party agreements, etc.
Approval Workflows– Dynamics users can see exactly where a contract stands in a multi-step approval process, if its on track, and its projected completion date. They can also receive status updates as their contract progresses through the approval process.
Contract Details – Relevant contract information for which the user has permissions can be readily accessed from within Dynamics. Costs errors and delays are eliminating as manual re keying is replaced with automatic syncing of information.


CONTRACTS 365 integrates directly with both Adobe Sign and DocuSign for a seamless, and automated e-signature experience. Signature requests can be initiated from within Contracts 365, end user activity can be viewed, and fully executed documents can be returned directly to the Contracts 365 repository.

Seamless Integration – Users send and track e-signature envelopes for Adobe Sign and DocuSign without leaving Contracts 365.
Effortless Contract Execution – Signed contracts are automatically imported back into Contracts 365, their status is updated, and the appropriate internal and external contacts are notified.
Tracking Data – Users have access to tracking data such as when recipients receive, view, reassign, sign, and forward the e-signature envelope from within Contracts 365.

Contract Management e-Signature Solutions
Contract Management for Salesforce
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Contracts 365 for Salesforce provides a comprehensive contract management experience for salespeople – without ever leaving Salesforce. New contract requests can be made, submission of third party paper can be supported, executed documents can be viewed, and status updates can be scheduled as frequently as your team would like.

Self Service Requests – Salespeople are able to request new contracts and upload contracts and supporting documentation for review from the environment where they “live”, Salesforce
Data Visibility – Business terms, milestones, obligations, etc. can be displayed within Salesforce to enable faster, more informed business decisions
Approval Transparency – Salespeople can easily view contracts under review, where they stand in the approval queue, and when the process will be completed.

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