Leveraging Microsoft 365 for Contract Management

In this pre-recorded webinar we discussed and demonstrated how organizations around the world are leveraging Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft Cloud products to effectively manage their contracting process.  

With 91% of respondents in a recent Contracts Nerds survey indicating that they author and negotiate contracts in Microsoft Word, it is not surprising to find that many of those same respondents rely upon Microsoft 365 for basic contract management services.

As a strategic partner to Microsoft, Contracts 365, Inc. provides powerful contract management software for businesses that run Microsoft 365. 

In this webinar, we covered the following key topics:

•    Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud Capabilities For Basic Contract Management
•    Microsoft 365 Security And Why It Matters For Contract Management
•    Azure/Open AI (ChatGPT) And Contract Management Practicalities
•    Contract Management Gaps With Microsoft 365 By Itself
•    Contracts 365 Defined
•    Contracts 365 Demonstration
If your organization uses Microsoft 365 and you manage contracts, watching this event will provide great and practical insights into how to best achieve your goals.

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