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Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management 2016 | Corridor Company

The growth of Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud offering is unparalleled with 80% of Fortune 500 companies now using the platform. Its built-in productivity tools, first class security and privacy controls, and premier scalability and reliability make it an excellent platform for an organization’s contract management requirements.

In this joint webinar with the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, Corridor Company CEO, Russ Edelman, and IACCM CEO, Tim Cummins, examined the growth and development of Office 365 as the undisputed leader in cloud-based services. They also explored the applicability of this platform within the world of contract management. Specific areas of focus included:

  • The Contracting Conundrum
  • Noteworthy Microsoft Cloud/Office 365 Data Points
  • What Is Office 365?
  • Why Does It Matter To Contract Management?

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