Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management Webinar 2018

Digital Transformation has become a key strategic initiative within many companies.

As Satya Nadelle, the CEO of Microsoft, puts it “digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world." Office 365 is Microsoft’s foundation for this transformation. And, as of today, eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies have embraced Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.

Why? Because organizations who leverage Office 365 have seen a 15.1% decrease in IT spending, an 18.8% increase in employee productivity, and a 19.6% increase in revenue growth. Its built-in productivity tools, first-class security and privacy controls along with its premier scalability and reliability also make it an ideal platform for your organization’s contract life-cycle process.

On December 12, 2018, we explored these topics in our webinar "Leveraging Office 365 for Contract Management." In this webinar, we examined the following:

  • Growth and development of Office 365 as the premier cloud-based services offering
  • Exploring the various components of Office 365
  • Leveraging Office 365 to address your organization’s contracting process


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