Applying Artificial Intelligence (GPT) to Contract Management - Part 1

The recent release of ChatGPT has fundamentally disrupted the world of AI. As interest in GPT-3 and ChatGPT continue to surge, the implications for contract management are being hotly debated. How do you separate the hype from practical applications?

Join Contracts 365’s own Russ Edelman at this previously recorded webinar hosted by World Commerce & Contracting to examine the current and future state of GPT in contract management.

This highly engaging discussion provided an overview of the advantages—and challenges—of using GPT for contract management, including:

  • Automatically extracting metadata from contracts
  • Extracting specific obligations from existing contracts
  • Techniques for identifying important words and phrases and contracts
  • Generating more natural sounding contracts
  • Automatically summarizing agreements
  • The potential for misuse, and the need for careful training and oversight

Join Russ Edelman, CEO and founder at Contracts 365; Kingsley Martin, Chief Contract Scientist at Akorda; Sally Guyer, Global CEO at WorldCC; Paul Branch, Executive in Residence at WorldCC—and see first-hand how to apply this groundbreaking technology.

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