Applying Artificial Intelligence Series - Part 2: Practicalities of GPT-4 and AI-CLM Integration

Practical and in-depth guidance of how GPT 4 is providing even more capabilities and value.

In Part 2 of this exciting series recorded on May 4, 2023, Contracts 365 CEO Russ Edelman joined a group of industry experts for this webinar hosted by WorldCC. Together they delved into the latest developments with GPT-4 and its enhanced capabilities. The speakers explored "Command Prompt Engineering" and how GPT simplifies contracts, with specific examples on the impact of GPT on Contract Standards and Principles.

During this session, the entire audience was invited to participate in Command Prompt entry with GPT (yes, the first of its kind – a global “Command Prompt Type-Along”) to generate contracts and optimize language using GPT in real-time. In addition, the group discussed the importance of a viable CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) infrastructure for transforming contract management systems with AI. Finally, our experts shared insights on the Top 10 Target Areas for AI and CLM integration.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, explore the latest advancements in GPT-4, and discover how it can revolutionize contract management.

Key takeaway points

  • GPT 4 and the impact on Contract Management
  • The importance of simplification with GPT
  • The impact of GPT on Standards and Principles
  • Real-time Command Prompt engineering (entry and results)
  • CLM Infrastructure and Ten Target Areas for AI and CLM integration

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