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Self-Service Contracts - A Leap toward Greater Efficiency


Contracts should help get business done quickly while protecting against risk. Accomplishing both goals at once is a challenge, but companies are meeting that challenge with self-service contracts. These allow business users to specify the contract they need, provide relevant information, and quickly receive a contract they can use immediately. Legal is freed from routine requests for more high-value work.

On  February 13, 2019,  we examined this topics in the webinar Self-Service Contracts – A Leap toward Greater Efficiency . We outlined some common use cases for self-service contracts and showed how the problems can be met through contract management software.

We’ll covered these points:

  • Requesting a contract – what information is needed?
  • Guiding contract requests with conditional forms
  • Responding to contract requests with the right contract and language
  • Identifying high-volume, low-risk contracts
  • Handling more complicated requests with conditional logic

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