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Procurement Professionals

As a Procurement Professional, you are at the nexus of quality and cost as you make purchases on behalf of your organization. Not only are you responsible for negotiating the most advantageous terms and conditions for your company, you also ensure that your vendors are delivering their obligations on schedule and within budget.

  • You are most productive when you have the complete picture of your vendor including existing terms and conditions, purchasing commitments, renewal, rebates and volume discounts.
  • Your ability to accurately manage your contract spend is paramount.
  • Your negotiations will be most productive and you will be most likely to get the terms and conditions which are important to you when you work off of your standard templates.

Contracts 365 addresses these challenges for you.

  • Quickly locate executed agreements and their supporting documentation.
  • Proactively renew and renegotiate contracts to obtain the best value for your money.
  • Reduce the time required to create and negotiate new and renewal contracts.
  • Proactively report and analyze the status, spend, and risk associated with your contracts.
  • Ensure contract compliance and completion of contractual obligations.
  • Readily access key contract terms and conditions for most expeditious resolution of contract issues.
  • Reduce the risk and maximize the profitability and opportunity of your contracts.
Procurement Professionals